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It's spring!  We've been having gorgeous spring weather here in Holland so I've been spending a lot of time in my garden the la...

It's spring!  We've been having gorgeous spring weather here in Holland so I've been spending a lot of time in my garden the last few weeks.  The daffodils are flowering, the apple trees are about to bloom and several vegetable seedlings are starting to grow.  

In my miniature garden the seasons don't seem to matter.  Flowering daffodils at the same time as apples ready to harvest,  fresh radishes and flowering magnolia, no problem! In the miniature garden everything is possible.

At the DHN fair in Arnhem (yes, it's back in Arnhem again!) a few weeks ago, I found this wire mesh crate (a kit from Art of Mini).  These crates are used by bulb growers to store flower bulbs, but are also used for sprouting potatoes, drying or storing flowers and fruit, etc.  Or in this case, harvesting miniature radishes.  

Ilona Kraassenberg (MiniMumLoon) made this amazing dried sunflower.  
Ilona makes wonderful flowers and plants, mostly very pretty and looking very fresh ;-) But this one drew my attention immediately and I knew it would look great in the Hall of my first Canal House.   

In the Hall I have a bit of an autumnal theme developing, so the dried sunflower is perfect here.  As with many miniatures, it is even better when you can see it up close.  The back and underside of the flower are so good!  Below is a better photo taken in daylight conditions.  Perfect.  Love it!

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  1. I among many, am a Big Fan of Ilona's miniature flowers and this one is no exception!
    I love the unusual subject matter of a dried out plant in miniature or rather one that is visually past its prime, yet Ilona has managed to include all of the decaying details whilst still keeping the integral Beauty of the sunflower, and the results are STUNNINGLY any way you look at it!

    p.s. I also like the way it is displayed with the autumn leaves too. :))

  2. Es impresionante el girasol seco. Muy, muy bonito y bien hecho.

  3. It is a wonderful miniature of a dried sunflower! Love the kit too.

  4. Hi Josje,
    the sunflower was a wonderful find. It is so realistic and perfectly placed.
    Regards Janine

  5. Menos mal que vemos el girasol seco en tu mano,sino pensaría que era uno real,Ilona hace verdaderas obras de arte con las plantas y flores,es muy afortunado poder tener una pieza tan maravillosa!!!

  6. The mesh crate is wonderful and the dried sun flower is perfection.....amazing how two such simple items can have such an impact.

  7. Hello Josje,
    What a beautiful mini garden. The crate is a wonderful and very realistic find. the sunflower is incredible!
    Big hug

  8. Hi Josje! So That is where all the Spring weather is!! (We are about to be hit with another twelve inches of snow! Yuck!) I sure wish I were in the garden... I will have to settle for dreaming along in Your garden! Such perfect tiny details! (I have to admit that I get terribly hung up on the consistent "season" of a garden.... probably why I have not finished any gardens yet! LOL!) And I am so glad to see you got some of Ilona's sunflowers! There is no one who makes flowers as perfect as she does! It is so amazing and true to life... I could not tell it was mini except that I thought it might be one of Ilona's! And I always love to see glimpses of your rooms in any of your houses! Beautiful beautiful details!

  9. Ooooh and I just noticed those Perfect mini secateurs! Wow! It is so easy to overlook things like that when the entire scene is so convincing! Yes, I am sitting in your garden again! LOL! :) Thank you!

  10. Love your garden! The sunflower is amazing. I have a dollhouse where seasons don't matter:)

  11. Your sunflower is beautiful. I love your mesh crate and tools.

  12. Sunflowers are a bountiful crop grown on the Canadian Prairies where I live...what a delightful rendition done in miniature! It indeed captures the beauty of this particular type of flower in autumn especially when displayed close to colourful fall leaves. Delightful to see! Cheers, Alayne

  13. The crate is so "useable" and the sunflower is so realist. Great finds.Cheers,Linda

  14. Hi Josje! Het kratje (van Janny) past mooi in jouw mini scene, ik vind vooral die kleine radijsjes zo schattig. Net als Betsy zag ik ook jouw mini snoeischaar, wat mooi stukje werk, zoiets heb ik nog nergens gezien.
    Ik vond het erg leuk om jou nu eens persoonlijk gezien/gesproken te hebben tijdens de beurs in Arnhem. Ook wil ik je hartelijk danken dat je mijn miniatuur zonnebloem zo mooi "in het zonnetje hebt gezet" ;)! Hij past goed in jouw herfstachtige sfeer, dank voor de extra vergrotende foto's (die nòg groter worden als je ze dubbel aanklikt, dát wist ik nog niet)!
    Veel plezier met je miniatuur zonnebloem.
    Groetjes, Ilona

  15. Hi Josje! You found wonderful things! Ilona's flowers are real masterpieces. Hugs, Julia